Environmentalism: A Necessary Option to Save the World

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Environmentalism: A Necessary Option to Save the WorldThe world as as it is now known is, quite simply, being pressed to its limits. With carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases triggering widespread global warming effects, the world is in grave danger. Glaciers have been measured to be melting, once year-round snowy areas are becoming dry, and polar ice shelves are breaking off more and more each day. While many people feel that global warming is not a problem, or that it is not a human problem, it is not hubris to think that the constant use of fossil fuels and heavy industry are aiding a natural course toward disaster for the whole world, not just mankind. Political lobbyists are even now attempting to allow unnecessary measures to appear to helping with the situation while really only affecting a minuscule part of the problem. Car manufacturers have been lobbying to shut down many Eco-friendly options for running cars simply so that they may find the answer first, then patent it.

Despite all of the human element, however, the people that state this this is a natural transition for the planet are not entirely wrong, either. Nature can and will change on its own, due to non-static numbers from producers and consumers in their own niches. Nevertheless, humans must do their part to slow down the build-up of harmful gases in order to continue to reap the benefits of Earth's resources much longer. Big industry must play its own part, the average citizen must help, and the government must allow for and legislate in order to solve this problem as quickly as monetary resources allow.

Big businesses cause a large portion of the pollution that has aided in the building up of greenhouse gases, causing several of the problems with oil spills,