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Envy one of the seven deadly sins.

Nothing can be more detrimental to a person's life than the wickedness of envy. Envy has Came into homes as well people's lives. There are many reasons people become envious.

There isn't enough time to list all of them, and you probably couldn't endure them all anyway, so ill talk about the 3 which seem to happen more often than not.

Envy is the pain at the good fortune of others such as beauty, lack of riches, and relationships.

Beauty and envy seem to be major factors for some women taken over by commercial images that imply that using a certain product will cause them to become as beautiful as the women selling it, viewers tend to develop envious feelings toward these unattainable images. On a television a documentary, Nia Blanchard talked about the hostility professional models have toward each other caused by envy.

Beautiful women provoke anger when they walk into a room they seem to become the center of attention for envy. For example at that very fancy party and all is quite until that one person walks in seeming to have such flawless beauty all heads turn and the whispers begin that's a common form of envy.

Probably the most dominate reason people become envious is money In this fast paced world of worshipping the all mighty dollar, many people become so resentful of another's financial gain that it consumes their lives to "keep up with the Jones'." Keeping up with the Joneses has become a key meaning for envy towards the middle class and high class Americans.

People who follow this trend spend money they do not have on things they do not need to impress people they do not even like. Attitudes about envy began to change when department stores, mail-order catalogs, and adverting become more often seen then not. For example, if a poor man experiences a moment's envy of another man's wealth, the feeling may mean nothing more than desire for his wealth; the feeling is not directed against that particular rich person but with the wealth, not the person. The feeling, "I wish I had an income or a house, or a car, or an overcoat like his." The result of this feeling may be an added help for the man to improve his financial condition. The feeling "I want this man's car or overcoat, or diamond shirt studs, or industrial establishment." That has turned criminal.

The envy of other's relationships is also a hug factor with envy. Many have become so obsessed with the fact of having the perfect mate that they get an attitude toward family and friends because of the spouse or significant other they have in their lives may be what they feel they don't have and want. Divorce has come about from such envy. One may divorce his or her spouse because of the feeling they have with someone else or their spouse does not live up to the quality that was expected. One will find that being envious will deprive oneself of all self-confidence. Why do people care so strongly about what other people do? Even when their actions wont affect us.

It is a fact of life that when some people succeed, other people don't and become envious. For every successful person on the planet, there are hundreds or thousands who are not and who say, "He doesn't deserve to succeed. It should have been me. I deserve it more." It starts very small and then grows something bigger. As it grows it becomes very powerful and can be very damaging, as a whole people should know that life is only what we make it.