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Enzymes Name: ______________

___ / 15 marks = Date: _______________

What are enzymes? (1 mark)

( Living things

( Yeast cells

( Proteins that act like catalysts inside the cells

( Chemical substances that act like catalysts in industry

What are proteins made of? (1 mark)

( Long chains of fatty acids

( Long chains of amino acids

( Long chains of sugars

( Long chains of DNA

Enzymes are proteins that… (1 mark)

( speed up chemical reactions

( slow down chemical reactions

( are products of chemical reactions (they are formed in chemical reactions)

( are substrates in chemical reactions (they are consumed in chemical reactions)

Whitout enzymes, chemical reactions in living organisms… (1 mark)

( will still occur, but they will be too fast to support life

( will occur normally

( will not occur

( will still occur, but they will be too slow to support life

Pepsin is an enzyme that digest proteins and it is found in… (1 mark)

( all types of tissues in the body

( in the mouth

( in the brain

( the stomach

Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down (1 mark)

( starch into proteins

( starch into sugars

( starch into DNA

( starch into cells

True or false? Mark the following statements as T (true) or F (false): (10 marks)

( there are many different types of enzymes

( there are hundreds of different enzymes in your cells that control your cells´activity and defend them by invasion by acteria and viruses.

( each enzyme has one active site.

( The active site is the groove in the enzyme where the molecules they act on

(substrates) are captured and made to undergo a reaction.

( the substrates are always broken apart to form products

( the substrates...