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Most people often take for granted the simple things in life, which although simple, are also the foundation of life itself. These simple things come in the form of clean air, water, and land for us and our future generations. The protection of the environment has become increasingly important as we now realize the damage that our generation along with previous generations have done to the environment. From bustling New England cities to the quite farmlands of the Midwest, America has come to realize the need to relate and protect the environment from industrial and agricultural pollution, thus the EPA was formed.

The protection of ?human health and the environment? is the simple yet powerful mission of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. The EPA was established in 1970 after a national cry for safer and cleaner air, water, and land in America. This agency was part of the new informal agenda committee which combined with other agricultural agencies and like the FDA and USDA.

The major duty of the EPA was to clean up pervious polluted areas and to help reduce and prevent future pollution through the development of new environmental regulation that the EPA would enforce after being passed by Congress. Since establishing the EPA in 1970, hundreds of bills have been passed by Congress with the ambition to prevent future pollution and hazards to human health. Helping to offset some of the daunting tasks in front of the agency, the EPA uses the states to help enforce regulation. The states also benefit from the multiple programs funded by the EPA through state environmental grants.

As countries advance into developed, economic nations, environmental protection begins to take a larger portion of public concern and the government is eventually forced to face environmental problems. The EPA was the first...