The EPA - Can It / Will it Save Our Environment?

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Nice Essay on satus of EPA Thorough discussion of topic, nice facts

Pollution of our environment is an issue that concerns each and

every one of us. 'The threat of environmental degradation now looms

greater than the threat of nuclear war.' Patrick Henry said, 'I know no

way of judging the future but by the past.' In the past man has trampled

on the environment.

'The word 'ecology' means 'a study of home.'' It means

discovering what damage man has done, then finding ways to fix it.The Environmental

Protection Agency is trying to fix our home, the planet Earth.

Destruction of forests, land degradation, atmosperic

contamination, and water scarcity are some of the major environmental

problems. In 1970, the EPA was created by President Nixon to protect the

public health and environment. The cancer-causing DDT was banned in 1972

and was found accumulating in the food chain. The use of lead in

gasoline was phased out in '73 which caused lead levels to drop 98%.


'74 the agency required drinking water to be physically and chemically

treated. CFCs were banned in '78 and a nation-wide toxic waste site

cleanup program was developed in 1980. The EPA then evacuated Times

Beach, Montana for dangerous levels of dioxin in soil, which was then

criticized for its heavyhandedness and arrogance. Charges of

mismanagement and undue political influence caused the head of the EPA to

resign in '83. 'The deputy director resigns because of charges of making

a 'hit list' of employees to be hired, fired, or promoted because of

political leanings. The former head of the toxic waste cleanup is found

guilty of perjury and obstructing congressional inquiry. A regulation

requiring treatment of hazardous wastes before disposal underground was

made in 1984.' The spill of the Exxon Valdez caused the Environmental...