Ephedra: Keep it or Say goodbye to it?

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February 19, ****

Ephedra: Keep it or Say goodbye to it?

What would you do if someone you loved was taken from you due to an ingredient in a dietary supplement? Would you become enraged? How bout angered? But at who? Who do you have to blame for this unfortunate act of events? You can blame the producers of the dietary supplement, but where is that going to get you these days with the court system the way it is. You could always blame the loved one for not being responsible and doing the necessary research. The thing is this isn't something that you can just over look cause it could very well happen to anyone you know. As of this date in time, the substance known as ephedra is still a legal substance sold in the United States. Ephedra, which is also known as Ma Huang ("Home") is the world's oldest medicine according to Chinese mythology.

The Chinese discovered ephedra more than some 5000 years ago ("Home"). As of April 6, 2004 ephedra will no longer be legal for sale in the U.S. At this time though there are many protestors against the banning of this substance and many people fighting to keep it legal in the U.S. It would be a travesty to keep this substance legal for distribution in the United States, how many more lives have to be lost before actions are taken.

In the United States today we are dealing with many problems from illegal substances and I realize that ephedra may not be of heavy significance to some of the population, but it should be. Ephedra is a deadly substance for many reasons one for instance, is the numerous health risks it imposes on its users. Ephedra works just like other...