The Epic of Ashtad

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Where the sun meets the ocean, a bright fire burned and set ablaze the now darkened sea. Ashtad looked on and watched the burning corpses dance along the coastline as the smoke flooded into the uncertain horizon. Never was he to return, never was he to foretell what would be held in his future, never was he to remember. He looked to the setting sun and whispered, "This is forever", as he turned and walked away to start another new beginning on his journey through the barren wasteland of time and broken souls. He mounted his scarlet steed, Ether, and pointed him in the direction of where he wanted to be but knew nothing of where it was. The wrongs of this night had to be made right and he was going to find a way to abolish the devastation of this place. Ashtad rode into the night and stared into the bleakness of the world around him hoping to catch a glimpse of something worth being held onto but there was nothing.

There was nothing but an empty night sky condescending an empty desert covered with even emptier people. It had not always been this way and he was wretched because he knew it never would be the same but none of that mattered anymore. Ashtad refused to go back and all that mattered to him now was that justice be served to those deserving.

Ashtad came upon a small village and stopped to let his horse drink while he warmed himself by a fire surrounded with chattering elders. Near the rear of the court he overheard a man speaking of a mystical creature known as Cepheus that was said to have bewitched powers enabling him to bend reality and time. Ashtad approached the man and asked, "Where might...