Epigenetics as a Scientific Revolution Via Analysis of Theory Literature. Example: Kuhn

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What is Science?

"The difference between genetics and epigenetics can probably be compared to the difference between writing and reading a book. Once a book is written, the text (the genes or DNA: stored information) will be the same in all the copies distributed to the interested audience. However, each individual reader of a given book may interpret the story slightly differently, with varying emotions and projections as they continue to unfold the chapters. In a very similar manner, epigenetics would allow different interpretations of a fixed template (the book or genetic code) and result in different read-outs, dependent upon the variable conditions under which this template is interrogated."

-Thomas Jenuwein (Vienna, Austria)

A scientific revolution can never be defined as a specific point in time by a specific person. There rarely is that "eureka" moment in an isolated setting where a thinker finally realizes the moment of "truth"; rather a series of changes led by the ideas of many people behind theories and experiments.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a new way of thinking was born from the Scientific Revolution. It was a significant time in which many people turned away from the church and looked towards logic and reason for the answers to questions about life, death, and the universe. The claimed "Scientific Revolution" was the key to new ideas and it allowed many scientists such as Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel to continue thinking and striving for the truth as other scientists, such as Galileo and Newton, had done before them. It was clear that logic and reasoning was becoming more popular than faith. (3)

The Scientific Revolution was well underway before Darwin was even born, but it was his studies, which allowed us to conclude "the world is governed entirely by...