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Education"¦although we are faced with this word on a day to day basis, the actual meaning behind it may come as a personal interpretation rather than a set definition. Education to me is the expansion of ones knowledge and the learning of the basic day-to-day skills necessary for ones survival and the further development to possessing the key steps to later attaining a success life. In this definition, my personal interpretation of the word, the important aspects of education are held more within the actual "learning" of skills and the "preparation" for a life to come in a general way. I feel that rather than trying to teach people to be governors or teachers or politicians, we need to concentrate more on a practical level of teaching that gives everyone the necessary basic skill levels to succeed in life and set them up to then be prepared to choose what it is that they want to be.

Why teach unnecessary knowledge to those that will never use it. It's like that article that we read that was claiming that a school in which students were not graduating from, but they continued to issue the implementation of a higher English, why? Hence if I were ever to be apart of the Federal government and was deciding what to educate the citizens with, other than researching and looking at past issues, I would lay the decision making powers in the hands of those who know best, those who work with the children being taught"¦the teachers!xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Reform movements have been administered in attempts to salvage the education of society and attempt to improve upon it. The reform movement in which I feel best meets the standards of my conception of education would that of teacher control. Without allowing the teachers to have control then they will not be able to do their jobs correctly. If the federal government does all the decision-making, and is the center towards all power, then nothing will get done to achieve this form of education in which I have described. By not allowing the teachers the right to have autonomy over what they wish to teach along with what they see on a day-to-day basis that needs to be taught, then nothing will be accomplished. Governments see the final results of how children have done in school and decide from there what needs to be done and what courses need to be taken. They never get the chance to see what actually needs to be fixed prior to the final product, the steps which must be taken to teaching these kids what they need to know, and then, they will be able to learn the more advance subjects that the government feel are necessary to apply. Teachers are hired to teach, they should be given the opportunity to teach what they feel is necessary for the well being of the children, following certain guidelines. There is too much emphasis and pressure laid out by the government and this places a serious threat on our educational system. If the teachers, the ones who are responsible for teaching the reform movement don't feel "ownership of that agenda, do not feel that it expresses their aims and aspirations for education" then we are in a serious dilemma, it will not be properly administered.