Equal Rights for Gay Couple Adoption

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What have all the monumental figures in our history accomplished with their fight for equal rights? Predominant people such as Martin Luther King Jr. fought against racial discrimination, Women fought for their right to vote, and now we face the prejudice against gay couples who wish to adopt. It is sad, really, if we have come all this way to continue to discriminate against people who are simply just living their lives just like you and I. The Government and Conservatives alike have dragged this issue out and have forgotten about the basic issue and therefore, the innocent victims: children who need to be adopted.

Go ahead; ask any child up for adoption what he or she needs the most. They will answer "a family" in a heart beat. That's what it's all about. A loving family that is ready and willing to take care of them. Where is it written that a family must consist of a man and a woman at the head? There are families in which for whatever unfortunate circumstances, children are taken care of by a single parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or perhaps other relatives.

These children grow up happy and "normal" with their own personalities and their own advantages. These children did not have a man and a woman as the head of their home and they still succeed in life. Children who don't have that luxury, the luxury of a home, aren't picky; they just want to be loved and to feel part of something, part of a family. A homosexual couple, just the same as a heterosexual couple, can equally fulfill these needs for any child.

My opposition would argue that a child needs to have a mother and a father to grow up without confusion about their sexuality. To that...