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While walking on our campus, I noticed my fellow peers debating about affirmative action. Then, one of them posed a question. Should we have affirmative action anymore? This question has sparked more debate than any other time in its young history. Many people believe affirmative action has outlived its utility within our society. There are several different ways to approach the same conclusion. In my opinion, our country has not reached this "equality for all". There has been improvement made, but we still need to fix past discrimination. This is why; I believe we must have affirmative action in our society in order to maintain the struggles for ultimate equality.

I believe affirmative action has been well needed help in our society. In its forty year history, it has given more rights to African Americans and women than any time in our history. Prior to affirmative action, African Americans were denied their rights based solely on their race.

Since affirmative action has been in place, African Americans have received more opportunities to that were denied to them before. For example, according understandingprejudice.org, it stated that affirmative action has helped five million minorities in its history. Before affirmative action was in place, women were also denied their rights based on their gender. This policy gives them an opportunity that they did not access to before. Today, six million white and minority women move up in the work force because of this policy. The next generations of American minorities have a bright future because of affirmative action. However, it has not been fully accepted into the mainstream our society as of yet.

Affirmative action is still needed around to fix past discrimination. African American and women have been oppressed in our American history. For example, African Americans have been on this continent...