Equality Beetween the sexes.

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Equality between the sexes

A long time ago ancient societies across the globe worshiped great mother goddesses. Women in communities like ancient Egypt and Babylon held high office as queens or priestesses and the ordinary women below them had great domestic and financial independence, often owning their own money and land. In Sparta in ancient Greece women owned two thirds of the land.

With the rise of religions like chritianatiy Judaism and Islam, goddess worship was suppressed and the pagan temples demolished. Since then we have lived in very much a mans world. The history of this world has usually focused on famous and important men.

Now in the 21st century although it is still very much a mans world with sexual discrimination and bias, there are feminist groups around the world around the western world, feminists believe that behind most every great man there is a greater woman, i.e.

Hillary Clinton she exerted her power through her husband and many believe that she was the brains behind the man, I mean a man that thinks he can lie to a nation, full of phycologist's and things cant possibly have had the brain power to govern a nation alone.

Many would think that maybe now in this day and age we do have equality between the sexes. But just look at how many things there are that point to the fact that we are far from it. Women do twice the work as men to get paid half the money. Many think it is unacceptable that a mother works while a father stays home/ not to mention the countries and religions that forbid women to work. Speak to men other than their fathers and husbands and/or show their face in public, furthermore have you heard a blonde joke that...