Equality in health care

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Equality is a concept that much of everyday society focuses on.

Policies, government bills and laws are all based on equality and ensuring that '..conditions of life are made equal by legislation.' (Abercrombie, 2000)Discriminations on equality can involve many factors including a person's age, gender, colour of skin, creed, religion and social class.

The idea behind a person's discrimination usually results from unsatisfactory education or social upbringing such as '...living in a capitalist society where personalities accept fascist ideology.' (Abercrombie, 2000)Healthcare service, education systems and emergency services are all potentially hazardous if inequalities are present within them. These services are free to everyone and are necessary to a functioning society.

Gita, an alias to maintain her confidentiality, (UKCC, 1992) is a lady in her mid thirties who was visiting a gynaecology clinic due to experiencing pain in her lower abdomen.

Gita was born in India and although she had lived in England for more than two years she appeared to only understand English but not speak a word of it herself.

The consultant attempted to question Gita in order to understand the nature and regularity of the pain. The presence of Gita's husband who spoke English was helpful but it was obvious that Gita didn't feel comfortable with her husband sitting in on her consultation. The consultant motioned to Gita to approach the examination couch where Gita appeared to understand and began to undress her lower half of clothing. Gita never granted official informed consent for her internal examination.

Charlie, not his real name, was attending an outpatient's eye clinic following a cataract operation. The frail man in his late seventies was escorted to the hospital by his grandson.

During the routine eye test before his appointment with the consultant it became apparent that regardless of how well Charlie...