Equality in New Zealand. In short, this is a factually based opinion piece on race relations in New Zealand

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For most young people there comes a time when we must consider our future and with so many avenues to explore it can be quite an arduous task. I delved through a university brochure the other day and was disappointed to learn that this task can become significantly easier if you are of Maori descent. Maori Scholarships seem to present a blatant double standard, a standard so exigent that it cannot be ignored. But it is more than this; it is a racial duality that seems to permeate into many facets of New Zealand society. Why is the maxim of equality becoming so diluted? And in these murky waters of racial vacillation is there any common sense left? Putting my future on hold for a moment, I took some time to try and find out.

Broaching the subject of racial equality as a white person is quite a difficult thing to do.

But as the PC, Philo-maorist Brigade increase their stranglehold on society I feel increasingly compelled to do so. Of course, as Don Brash’s Orewa speech seems to serve testimony to, extremist nutters from the PC agenda will accuse you of ‘racial hate’ crimes every time you try and stand up for your rights. This is nothing more than infantile stupidity. Political Correctness is often exploited when a minority group silences debate on a major issue due to its perceived offensive nature and use it to advance their own agenda. In the context of New Zealand, Maori predicate ‘cultural sensitivity’ and are effectively creating a wall of silence that no debate on major issues can stem from. A fig to Political Correctness! I am unwilling to become the white equivalent of an oppressed burka-clad Muslim woman just yet. And as the moral platitudes of democracy dictate, I am allowed...