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1.1 Background"A baby's intellectual development is most significant during the first three years", thishighlights the impact of a toddler's early experiences on developing their ability to speak,think, learn and reason1. Parents dote on their children and this is particularly displayed inChina. As one of the world's fastest growing economies with the world largest population,China's One Child Policy has had the effect of causing Chinese parents to lavish attentionand adoration on their only child. No resources are spared on the development of these "littleemperors and empresses" as they carry the hopes and aspirations of their parents intobecoming future stars. Therefore there is massive demand for world class child developmentprograms which will cultivate an infant's mental healthy and uncover their potential at ayoung age.

1.2 Value Proposition"Playpen" () is a children centre, which utilizes research backededucation techniques, to provide a solution for middle or upper-middle class Chinese parentsdemanding high quality pre-school education for their 0-3 year-old toddlers.

Our creativeInfant Early Advantage (IEA) scheme focuses on developing a toddler's social and emotionalhealth, its niches include:(1) Soft skills development through a 'learning through playing' concept(2) Simple mathematics and languages skills training through games(3) A comprehensive western training model including child care consulting servicesThis will unleash the toddler's potential and creativity in preparation for future challenges.

1Shonkoff J., and Phillips, D. (Eds.) (2000). National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. FromNeurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development. Washington, DC: National AcademyPress.

I. Business ConceptHKFBS Zurich Business Administration Paper 2007CUHK Group 13 - Grace Kei, Cindy Chan, Eddie Cheung, Alan Mak1.3 Service Description"Playpen" will serve Chinese toddlers with a comprehensive and enriching educationalprogramme to ensure an infant's healthy growth and development. Programs include graffiti,music appreciation, gross-body coordination, language, playgroups and sensory stimulation.

The children centre will be run by experienced professionals who share a...