The Era of Plastic Surgery

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The Era of Plastic Surgery

"As definitions of beauty become ever more exacting, and as the shape-shifting technology required to maintain that aesthetic carries on developing, a homogenization of faces is taking place"( Briscoe,2010). Today's society could be classified as the era of plastic surgery since it has dominated all individuals, limitless of their age, condition or gender. We live in a place where physical appearance plays a vital role; therefore, we tend to delay physical aging as much as we can and plastic surgery is the key to that. Celebrities are role models that have invaded our time and social media. They are society's stars that ordinary people look up to; so they have an impact on others, specifically regarding beauty and cosmetic surgery. Nowadays, celebrities, who are either satisfied or dissatisfied with their look, tend to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to maintain their stardom look. Thus, it is no more surprising to see that "the number of breast augmentations, nose jobs and face lifts is up 10 per cent over last year" (Moen,2012).

Psychologists and researchers have been discussing the pros and cons of plastic surgeries; some argue that celebrities shouldn't undergo cosmetic surgery for the sake of their career while others support the opposite.

People are somehow depending on plastic surgeries as a way to obtain a better career and life. However, these surgeries don't offer a better economical transformations or self-identity enhancement (Branaman, 2010). So, people may refuse cosmetic surgery under the claim that it transforms the natural into unnatural and deprives it from its value (Moen, 2012). It is unnatural to try to possess eternal youth. One should accept that aging is a natural cycle of one's life. According to Moen, undergoing plastic surgery is an unfair action and a form of cheating. It's...