Era of Romanticism

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The Romantics

In the time of old western literature around the late 1700's, Romanticism was evolving into the next era of literature of this time from Neoclassicism. More and more people would join others, and express their feeling rather than state facts about reason like much of Neoclassicism. The upbringing of this era would change art everywhere, and make people a lot more expressive.

The change from Neoclassicism would definitely be hard. Neoclassicism confronted facts in a formal way, through essays, speeches, and non-fiction stories that related to these facts. However, the start of the romanticism era began with experimenting with writing literature. Instead of writing about different subject, people would write about themselves, or different feelings such as love, hate, sadness, and so on. This eventually evolved into short fiction stories, and even poetry. People were finally able to express themselves, and were accepted for doing so.

Moreover, Neoclassicists were not so easy on giving up their views on how art should be expressed. These Neoclassicists made "frontal assaults" on the newly given norm, but obviously were not victorious in doing it. It came to be conventional that people would now be able to express themselves and be their own unique individual. Many experiments were made by many different authors on how to write in their own way. For example, people were now allowed to write about themselves and how they felt about different feelings, and not subjects that were already printed about beforehand. This could be seen as a gateway to get out your own frustrations, and still be perceived as art. As it says in the text, "Neoclassicism values reason; Romanticism values emotion." The feeling of the Romanticism era cam directly from its authors, and started the idea that people could actually relate to...