Eradicating The Ellectoral College.

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Eradicating The Electoral College

In Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution authorizes that the President be elected using the Electoral College. Whereby A certain number of electors (the state's number of representatives plus its Senators) in each state votes for the President. They vote based on the supply of the popular vote in the state. Most states award votes based on a "winner-take-all basis". For example, if two-thirds of a state's public vote for a Democrat and the other third votes for a Republican, and the state has 6 electoral votes, then all 6 of that state's votes go to the Democratic candidate. The same goes for U.S Senatorial elections. There were originally conducted entirely by state legislators. The public directly elected the state legislators, who directly elected that state's Senators.

The electoral college was primarily regarded as an important part of the U.S. Constitution. It was supposed to resolve inter-state disputes over power based on geographical and regional differences.

It was also obviously dubious and disturbingly paternalistic towards the American public, and was flat-out undemocratic. The electoral college was aiming to prevent the general population from having any direct power in Presidential or Senatorial elections, for fear that the "uneducated masses" would have any direct political power. The public simply elected delegates to the electoral college, who proceeded to do the actual electing of the President or Senators.

The Constitution has been adjusted to allow for the direct elections of Senators. But American elections are not truly democratic, for there are no direct Presidential elections. The continuation of the Electoral College has and will continue to have numerous damaging effects on American politics and government.

First and foremost is that American citizens are denied a full voice in choosing their President. All individual votes become meaningless...