Erickson’s Psychosocial Stages

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I can relate to trust versus mistrust in most of my different relationships with people. For example, when I was in the army and stationed in South America for fifteen months, I left my wife and children in Texas. If we did not have complete trust in each other, we would not have been able to continue with our relationship and keep the family together. Being able to have complete faith and trust in her comes partially from my childhood. I tend to completely trust people, instead of having the view that I do not trust anyone unless they earn my trust. Sometimes I believe that this is not a helpful thing.

For autonomy versus shame and doubt, I believe I took autonomy. For an example, when I was little I wanted to be independent like my older brothers. I would try to do everything they did and as a result of this, I became physically independent earlier.

Nothing comes to the top of my head with initiative versus guilt. The only thing I can think of is when I have a problem with someone, I tend to not take the initiative and tell him or her what is bothering me. I end up feeling guilty and bad because I'm talking about them behind their back and not to their face because not having the confidence to do so. As I became older, I became more confident and able to confront people much easier. However, this is certainly a stage that I'm still developing in. This may even be my weakest stage. I feel like a confident person and able to take the initiative. All my inward feelings drive me toward it. Yet, when it comes to confronting people, I back down. However, with children I am completely comfortable, as...