Ernest Hamingway in "Cat In The Rain" tells about a couple having problems.

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In Cat In The Rain, Ernest Hamingway illustrates the problems that an American couple have, and symbolizes the loneliness and protection need of the American woman by a cat which she sees huddled under a dripping table outside their Paris hotel, and attempts to rescue . Her husband, George, spends the entire story curled up in bed reading a book, paying little attention to his wife.

The American woman is struggling because this marriage can't meet her expectations. The woman wants a stable home where she is loved and respected by her husband. But her husband doesn't share the same idea and he is content with their current lifestyle. The woman wants to have the cat so that she can have it sit on her lap and purr when she strokes it. She wants o eat with her own silver and she wants candles. She wants new clothes and wants it to be spring.

Her wishes may seem like vanities, but the other hand these "wishes" are symbolic of a deeply-felt human need with which we can sympathize

The hotel keeper's attitude towards her is like a father. It is quite different from her husband's senseless behaviour. When she is going out to get that cat, her husband only offers to go, however he doesn't insist, that means he dosn't pay attention to her wife's desires. But the hotel keeper actually prevents her from the rain, so that is the reason why she liked him. Hotel keeper gives her what she needs, respect and protection. And this makes her feel small and important at the same time.

The author focuses on the American man's dominance over his wife. Even she doesn't like her hair, she doesn't change it. She wants to look like a woman however her husband is...