Ernest Hemingway.

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Ernest Hemingway: More than an Author

Babe Ruth is one of the most well known players in the game of baseball. On the field he was a hero, hitting homeruns and making outstanding plays. However, few know that off the field Ruth was an avid fisherman and hunter, along with an alcoholic and adulterer. Like Babe Ruth, Ernest Hemingway also loved nature and lived a two-faced life. Despite always being on the brink of death due to his alcoholism and outrageous stunts, Hemingway is still known as one of the greats in American literature. Although Ernest Hemingway was a writer, it is self evident that he loved nature because he was brought up reveling in wildlife, was constantly involved in all kinds of outdoor sporting, and included nature in almost all of his books and writings. Hemingway's writings have often been confrontational, but are based on the harsh realities of life.

In his famous novels, Hemingway often left readers searching for the deeper meanings and important messages behind each word. The Old Man and the Sea is a classic story of courage in the face of defeat, a tale of personal triumph won from loss. (Hemingway). He also writes on his own life experiences such as in, A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls, which both depict the harsh truth about war, the relationship between love and pain, and the feeling of loss. In one of his other famous novels, The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway wrote a more confrontational story of male insecurities and the destructiveness of sex (Hemingway). These four books have been credited with helping Hemingway achieve his well known-status as an author and have also aided in him receiving a number of honorable awards.

Hemingway received three of the most prestigious awards for literature...