Ernesto "Che" Guevara

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Ernesto ? Che ? Guevara Lynch de la Serna was born in the year of 1928, no one knows his exact birthday but know it was in the year of 1928, but they think it was June 4th, 1928. When he was two years old he constantly had coughing problems. He went to the doctor and found out he had chronic asthma, because of it his parents moved to Alta Gracia (Cordoba), but it did not get better.

Ernesto ? Che ? Guevara got his primary education at home, by his mother, Celia de La Serna. Later he went to Colegio Nacional Dean Funes. His parents, mostly his mother, were anti-personist activists, he took no part in revolutionary student movements and showed little interest in politics at Buenos Aires University where he studied medicine, first wanting to understand his illness, chronic asthma, later becoming more interested in leprosy. After a long journey to northern and southern Argentina, he returns home for his finals, knowing that he did not want to become a middle-class general practitioner.

He got accepted to La Paz, in Bolivia. This is where he is specializing in dermatology. He went to Guatemala during the socialist Arbenz presidency, although he was a Marxist, well read in Lenin, he refused to join the communist party, though this meant losing the chance of government medial appointment. He was poor and in rags, he basically had nothing. He lived with Hilda Gadea, a Marxist of Indian stock who looked after Che, and introduced him to Nico Lopez, one of Fidel Castro?s lieutenants. When Arbenz fell, Che went to Mexico City where he worked in the General Hospital. Che was very charmed by Raul and Fidel Castro, and he realized that in Fidel he had found the leader he was...