Errors in thinking and how to get rid of them

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We hear about many different things in our daily life. There are rumors and some facts which are twisted and turned and by the time they reach us, it is a mixture of fantasy, fact and fib. Should we not trust anything anyone tells us or should we just believe it and let it rest?

We can hear amazing stories like there was a flood and there was 9 feet of water inside the house and the lady passed the night standing on the kitchen counter. Sounds believable. We may be impressed at first and spread the news around. But if we take a moment to think and realize that the kitchen counter is about 2 and a half feet high and if there was 9 feet of water in the house, it means the lady was more than six and half feet tall. She is still alive and well, which means there could not have been nine feet of water in the house.

So, it is important to analyze information that is given to us and then a lot of error in information will be reduced.

There are lots of things that can be easily verified. We must try to see for ourselves, whenever possible, whether a certain impressive fact is really true. Sources of information are important. A given source must be authentic for information to be trusted.

Arguing and debating helps us understand both sides of the topic at hand. We must be open minded and try to look at a given thing from all angles. We must also not be stubborn. Open mindedness helps as it enables you to observe, learn and gain from the experience.

We must be analytical and not be satisfied unless we are given reasonable explanation. Blindly accepting things and not having...