This esaay takes two forms of non-traditional art and explains why they should or should not be considered art. Contains the websites for the works of art and resources.

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Often times non-traditional art, or outsider art, is not recognized as being "true art" by many individuals. The definition of outsider art as it is known today is the forms of creative expression that exists outside accepted norms, or the realm of "fine art." Anything from folk art to the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas is listed as being a form of outsider art. These types of art stray from the "normal" medium that are used in creating "fine art," such as canvas or something of the sort. Art is what one creates, whether it be on a piece of canvas or a beat up Chevy. After reviewing many forms of non-traditional art, the following intrigued me the most.

This is the artwork of a very well known graffiti artist in New York City. Stay High 149, a.k.a. Voice of the Ghetto, has been writing graffiti for many years, as he is one of the original New York City train painters.

He is most famous for his co-opting of character from the TV show "The Saint." The piece shown above was made using markers and spray paint over a New York City subway map. Because of the so called "mess" of some graffiti artist, many do not get the recognition they deserve. The artist uses specific items in his artwork, emotional items that pertain to his past. Almost all of Stay high 149's artwork contain a personal touch, "The Legend Continues", "Ex-Vandals" and always "Stay High 149." The artwork is also very creative. Although his style has been copied for over 30 years, it is hard to imitate the shapes and lines he produces in his work. He uses any medium he can, maps, walls and canvas to produce his best work. This artwork intrigued me...