"Eskimo" or "Inuit" myths about how the world was created.

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Eskimo Creation Myth

It was the time when there were no people on the earth. For four days the first man lay coiled up in the pod of a beach pea. On the fifth, he burst forth, falling to the ground, and stood up, a full-frown man. Feeling unpleasant, he stooped and drank from a pool of water, then felt better. Looking up, he saw a dark object approaching with a waving motion until it stopped just in front of him. It was a raven. Raven stared intently at man, raised one wing, and pushed up his beak, like a mask, to the top of his head, and changed immediatley into a man. Still staring and cocking his head from side to side for a better view, Raven said at last: "What are you? When did you come? I have never seen the anything like you." And Raven looked at the man, surprised to see that this stranger was so much like him in shape.

It is said that Raven made the world. He is a man with the beak of the raven. When the waters forced the ground up from the deep Raven poked it with his beak and fixed it into place. This first land was just big enough for the house that was already there. There were three people in the house. This was a family with a man, his wife and their son who was named Raven who had fixed the land. The father had a bladder hanging over his bed. After much pleading by Raven the father allowed the boy to play with it. While playing Raven messed up the bladder and light appeared. The father not wanting to have light always shining took the bladder from the boy before he could damage it further.