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ESPRIT is found in 1964 by San Francisco designer Susie Russell. Four years later, Michael Ying who became the founder of the predecessor of Esprit Far East Group, which acted as a principal sourcing agent for the U.S. business. In those early days, the head office of ESPRIT was in the Tompkins' San Francisco apartment, and the back of their station wagon served as a showroom. Nevertheless the business grew fast. By the early 70s, the company was incorporated as "Esprit de Crop." And it means the common spirit existing amongst the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group.


In 1979 John Casado designed the famous ESPRIT stencil effect logo. Despite worries that the triple-bar 'E' would not be legible to customers, but the new logo became one of the most recognized and memorable in international fashions. And it is easily recognizable as Esprit.


The ESPRIT characters will be "synonymous with contemporary lifestyle and taste about attitude, not age youthful and dynamic global brand of quality products at democratic prices". Esprit would like to serve their customer with various products. Its brand ESPRIT has been a leading international lifestyle fashion brand name applied to an extensive range of women's, men's and children's apparel, footwear and accessories. Licensed products bearing the ESPRIT name ranges from timewear, eyewear, jewel and fragrance, to bedding and other home products. In addition, the Group owns the "RED EARTH" brand name and distributes its cosmetics, skin and body care products. Compare to Gap, Esprit has more product lines than Gap, such as jewel, footwear, timewear, bedding and other home products.

Target market

Until now, the ESPRIT becomes a well know brand name company in the worldwide, and it has controlled retail...