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Occupational Internship Pre-Selection Committee c/o Tom W. Emmanual Academic Office, Institute of Aviation One Airport Road (MC-394) Savoy IL 61874 Dear Mr. Emmanual: Throughout my aviation history I have been pushed to work hard so that I will achieve my goal of becoming a captain for a major airline. The American Association of Airport Executives Scholarship would be extremely helpful to me in the pursuit of flight ratings, specifically my multi-engine land rating. A scholarship like this would definitely be a step in the right direction. Eventually, I will be able to reflect back on the steps that brought me to my career of choice. As a pre-commercial student, I am progressing towards my commercial rating which brings me that much closer to reaching the next step, flight instructing. Because I enjoy sharing my experiences with others, this scholarship will help me to help those who are just as enthused about aviation as I am.

As an active member of Alpha Eta Rho, I enjoy association with other interested pilots and school mates. This organization, along with the University of Illinois' flying team, helps the aviation alumni association and interested students become not only contributing members, but also helps the entire school of aviation by molding top notch pilots. Both organizations have helped make me a safer more efficient pilot. After graduating, I would like to instruct full or part time at the institute in order to help individuals with similar goals advance their aeronautical knowledge and flight ratings. In addition to flight instructing, this internship would be a learning experience for me and would be used as a stepping stone to the next level. Currently, I am employed as a waiter/bartender which allows me to have the flexibility to keep up my flight training. It has also enhanced...