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Flipping through my school diary, Thursday 10th of May, I noticed that I have an English essay due in tomorrow which I haven't even started. That's when I realised if I don't do it tonight, it would mean that it would have to be handed in late on Monday; not only that it also meant that I'd have to spend my weekend doing it. So I had no choice but to switch on the computer and try to think of a topic to write about for at least 500 words to hand in tomorrow in class.

Mind you this was after a few hours of relaxation in front of the television, switching from channel to channel during the ad breaks from "Neighbors" to "Home and Away", "big Brother" and how could I forget, "Dawson's Creek"! Not to mention being on the phone to friends discussing each show as we both watched it from different dens of the phone line.

I was definitely not in the mood to sit myself down in front of the computer for a good hour or two trying to write an essay.

So I had to practically drag myself off the couch as I took one last peek at "X-files" and switched off the lights to the TV room and walked down the hall half willingly towards the study. First thing I do, find some good music to put on in the background. How could I possibly work without music for the ears? Did you think I would get to work now? Get real! Now that I had gathered a good selection of music, I had to pick a few tracks to be put on and make sure it is played in the right order. Well that was a good half-hour wasted.

Now it's...