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The 14th Century a lot of stuff change our everyday life like medicine for some our disease. We had the worst plague called the Black Death; they say 20,000 people died each day, started in central Asia then moved threw out northern Africa threw Europe, they massacred Jews because they thought that what the gods/god wanted, the ended up massacring themselves because they thought the gods/god was angry with them. Salt was as worth as much as gold. Mali sold a lot of gold for salt, they also were mainly Muslim, and in addition, they were a world power. Mansa musi owned 5,000 slaves, Mansa musi had 120,000 followers, and also his picture was shown him holding a golden nugget that showed his gold power. The 14th century Indian Ocean was most used. Poems were written as records/greatness as they did to some of there great kings. In the 14th century there was an almighty ice age in Europe, many people retreated south, many farms were abandoned, also all harvests failed.

Eventually European servants rebelled and slaughtered there kings and higher authority in great armies.