The essay "1920's Recreation", is about the main recreations such as jazz, movies, and sports, during the 1920's. It also includes big names such as Babe Ruth, Charlie Chaplin, and Louis Armstrong.

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The 1920's was one of the craziest decades, but the most inventive. The roarin' twenties had many different recreations going on that it would change the world. Jazz, sports, and movies were only the beginning of recreation in the twenties. When you have stars like the Big Bambino, Charlie Chaplin, and Louis Armstrong, who wouldn't want to be involved?

Sports were one of the major recreational entertainment businesses out there. From baseball to boxing, there were the reigning champions that dominated. With baseball, you could never go wrong with The Babe. Babe Ruth held a record of 60 homerun hits in only one season and won seven World Series for the New York Yankees. When he was through with baseball, he had hit seven-hundred and fourteen home runs and dominated fifteen World Series. Then when you're in the mood for a little boxing with a champion fighter, there was always Mr.

Jack Dempsey. Dempsey had once held the title for heavyweight division but had lost it to Gene Tunney. Jack and Gene had fought for the second time and once again, unfortunately, Dempsey had lost.

Movies today are nothing like they were back then. In 1925, just a little over 20,500 movie houses opened up throughout the United States. They stayed open for seven hours a day and showed six movies a week. Movies usually came in three "double bills", which were two movies for the price of one. One of the characters that lit up the screen was Charlie Chaplin, with his unique character, the Little Trap. It wasn't until 1926 D.W. Griffith had introduced the close-up and the moving camera. In 1927, the movie, "The Jazz Singer" was the first major film with sound was produced. By then, Hollywood had become the film capital of...