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Throughout the entire year, we have written many essays. We not only worked on writing the essay it self but we also worked on the writing process. In this class we had to go through such steps as pre-planning (outlining or prewriting), drafting, peer-and self-revising, and editing. My process was not all that organized before I took this class. I was taught some very good habits in writing an essay.

Before I ever took this class, when I wrote an essay that is what I did. I sat at the computer, sometimes with a world-book sitting there, or Encarta minimized, and I just typed it up. There would be no such thing as a rough draft, and certainly no pre-planning. I think that this was my biggest problem, because sometimes I wouldn't even read the essay. Or if I did, since I just wrote it, I would read the words in my head that I meant to type on the paper.

So when I got the essay back, I would look at the corrections the teacher had made, and I would say, how in god's name did I turn that in? Now when I decide to write essays there are guidelines that I follow, which helps me to do a better job.

Nowadays, I do a much better job writing my essay. The first thing that has to be done is to have a topic picked. Secondly, I always write an outline now. People may think that it takes up way to much time, but that is not the case at all. When it comes to actually writing the essay, an outline speeds up the process tremendously. The other things, more important than a rough draft is peer revising. I believe this to be extremely important, because you...