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Nickens 1 Kevin Johnson Mr.Zimmer Essay #1 14 February 2002 You know how you see television programs with brave knights, castle's and flying, fire breathing dragons; imagine if you owned your very own flying, fire-breathing dragon. Although you may think a dragon in this century is a horrible idea , kids such as myself would benefit from owning a dragon because it free transportation anytime I want and it also gives me a friend of my very own. Finally owning Pyro Will be the remedy to the plague of unimaginable ass whippings I receive in school from bullies.

Granted owning a dynamic specimen of such magnificant proportions will help me with bullies in my school but the sanitary concerns that comes with owning a dragon is the same or equivalent to that of owning a pet cat the size of mini van.

As a person in all honesty I am not responsible when it comes to pets, in a way the thought of having to be a janitor to a reptile that's three times the size of me is nuts to me.

The mere thought of cleaning after anything but myself is annoying to me, but cleaning up the feces of a dragon that could be a hand full is even more horrendous.

Nickens 2 Secondly, the liability of owning not just a dragon but a fire breathing dragon that is the size of a mini van; space is going to be and issue. Pyro is not your average size house pet; with the lack of space in the house his comfortability level is important. I live in a house with a huge garage but I don't think that space may not be sufficient enough to maintain Pyro's recreational and dormitory needs. Pyro is a baby now but in a few months he will be the equivalent size of a ford explorer and accommodating a monstrosity that size could be overwhelming.

Furthermore Pyro is very inquisitive and likes to explore like myself; keeping him from causing trouble in the town may be a mission of epic proportions. Pyro's favorite expedition is visiting Mary Jane, my friend Jason's female pet dragon. Jason and I were thinking of moving in together but when we both got our dragon's; the only two people in the world with dragon's, it would seem to be impossible to have them two in the same environment all the time. Our neighbors would be terrified to even go and get their mail. Hitting the lotto may be the best thing that happen to me, now I have 500,000 million dollars and can by some land and build Pyro his own dwelling where he as more that enough room to be trouble some.

However owning a dragon with such capabilities reaps tremendous benefits that will increase the diversity of my life. First Pyro could be my own personal form of transportaion; I am constantly late for school because I am constantly missing the bus. Pyro being able to fly helps me immensely; he is a guranteed ride to school or anywhere I need to go. No more having to wake up to catch the bus, or having to Nickens 3 depend on a anybody for a ride anywhere especially school. This will also cut down on my tardies to school and the maybe the principle will stay off my back. As well as being able to see my family in the city whenever I want as a oppose to when I can receive a ride down to the city.

Finally owning a dragon in this century would be peculiar for a reasonable amount of time but I think as the rarity of dragons decreases the the exceptance of them in our time will be high. Such as computers; people were amazed but them at first and now computers are part of our everyday life; hopefully Pyro and others like him will be part of our everyday life.