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Essay The person I picked was Arturo. I picked Arturo because he appeared in a lot of chapters. He appeared in "Arturo's Flight", "An Hour With Abuelo", and "White Balloons".

I would describe Arturo to be respectful to girls, he is a little shy, he looks like a punk, he use too wear a leather jacket, he use too have purple hair, he is Puerto Rican, he is clueless because he doesn't know if he should run away or not, and they call him the purple flee at school.

One problem Arturo had in "Arturo's Flight" was that Arturo didn't know if he should run a way. Later on in the chapter he noticed that he shouldn't run a way. He didn't run a way, that's why he was able to be in more than one chapter.

In "An Hour With Abuelo" I think the conflict was that Arturo didn't want to stay with his grandfather in the nursing home, but he is acting like he wants too stay or be there and let him have any company to stay with him.

In "White Balloons" the problem isn't about Arturo, but it is about Rick Sanchez. The problem is that has AID's, he is gay and he is rich, so he wants to give back to the community that he grew up in. That is were Arturo and his friends are and their fathers don't like Rick because he is gay.

If ]I would to compare Arturo and me. I would say we aren't a like because he is the type of kid that doesn't think anyone cares for him. I know people care for me.