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Fast food is very tasty and in price wise very cheap as well. But is it right to eat fast food all the time? Fast food has a lot of harmful effects to the body, for example it has a lot of kilojoules more than the body needs. For example in McDonalds Big Mac there is 2060 KJ in just the burger. Usually a human needs about 2500 KJ in a day no more or no less. If you include the chips, drinks and the ice cream there would be about 5800 KJ in just that meal. Fast Food also has a lot of salt in their food a lot of salt is very harmful for the body. Salt does a lot of things such as affect the heart ,brain, kidney and Artery having too much salt can cause a lot of problems later on including killing brain cells and Etc.

Fast food is very convenient when it comes to pricing; fast food is cheaper than cooking something at home. It is very cheap, convenient and very good tasting all of these combinations seems very good, but is it the right thing to eat it every day just because it is very good. Well indeed that fast food is very convenient in every way but it is not convenient for the body. The amount of kilojoules, salts, sugars, fats and so on in fast food is a lot more than the human body needs. A normal human body would need about 2500 KJ in a day for energy, but just the KJ in McDonald's big mac burger is 2060 KJ. If the chips drinks and ice cream is included there is about 5800 kilojoules in that one meal. So what the body needs in 2 days that one meal...