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Absent is an English short story from 1990. The story is about the huge problem, youngs on drugs. In this essay I will look at this problem and look what the subsequent is. I will tell, how I feel about these young fellers and their drug problems. There will also be some characterizations.these young fellers and their drug problems. There will also be some characterizations.

In this story we hear from a young man with a drug problem. The young man starts with having a dinking and hash abuse, but it grows bigger through the story, and ends with him having a problem with pills. We hear how he cannot remember the things he has been doing the nights on drugs. It all ends with him being involved in a motorbike accident where he dies. Probably he is the driver of the bike, that has been stolen probably to flee from the cops, but that is just my opinion.

That is also because I never have tried drugs, and when I hear about some young boys taking drugs, I think they loose all common sense and cannot think clear.

We also hear about his mom and how she ignores the problem, she does not take care of the empty whisky bottles in his room. She does not take the problem seriously, that is what I see now, and she does not take care of what his school says. I would think that the mother also has a problem with drinking and maybe drugs as well, that is why she does not take it that seriously. She first knows how far out he is when the police tells her that he died in a motorbike accident, but then it is too late.

I think the ending is very tough because we...