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The idea of cloning has been around for many years. It has been portrayed in science fiction movies as entertainment purposes. With the development of technology over the past 25 years it has become a reality. Scientist today is now able to clone animals, and humans are the next step in this ever-growing process of cloning. I'm against cloning humans. This process is not proven to be stable and this demoralizes the species. The idea of humans being made and brought up like cattle just to test medicines and kill for organs is wrong. Cloning people should not be allowed. Scientist are trying to play God and it is no ones place to do so.

Cloning is the technique, which is intended to produce a duplicate of an existing animal. It has been used to clone a sheep and other mammals. As of 2002-JAN, it has not been tried on humans.

Law in many countries specifically forbids it. In the attempt to clone the sheep scientists attempted 277 fusions between the nucleus of the activated cell and the egg of the mother; only 29 of these began to divide. The scientists then implanted these 29 dividing cells into mother sheep. Of the 29 implanted cells, 13 mothers became pregnant, and from the 13 pregnant sheep, only one survived. That one was "Dolly." If this same procedure were to be done on humans, many fetuses would be put to death. Many other animals have been cloned, such as cows and mice but scientists remain uncertain about whether genetic changes in the cells used to obtain nuclei will lead to adverse effects on the health of the cloned animals. Another defect in cloning is that the clones have a shorter life span then the original specimen. Cloning is unstable and there...