This essay is about how to analaze art. it also discusses styles of art.

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This chapter explores how one goes about looking at artwork and analyzing it whether it is music, paintings, or some other form of expression. To do this successfully, you must use elements the artist uses to create his piece as guidelines for evaluation, rather than historical facts. One piece that is noted is 'David'. By looking at the unique style Michelangelo uses combined with knowledge of the time, you can have a better understanding of the piece. Another point discussed is Asian art. One common mistake people make is evaluating their style only accepting a more western style as 'the correct way', because it is more dimensional and distinct. Also westerners tend to not appreciate form in the same way oriental painters do, thus creating conflict in style that we find unappealing. Another point discussed is the difference in interpreting basic art. We look for the basic meaning behind a piece, whereas Asians look to the artistic reflection of the message.

This causes Westerners to look less in depth into fine art but more at marketed themes. Also, emotion and mood factor into play when analyzing art, which is also addressed in this chapter.

My personal views do not reflect those of this article at all. I believe that people should not have any kind of set method to looking at and judging a piece of art. If there is one uniform way to evaluate expression than uniqueness could become limited. By not imposing a set way of interpreting, one's creativity is free to invent new styles or concepts. Also individuality should be stressed over a single persons opinion, leading to more variety. A better solution is simply allowing everyone to evaluate art their own way so no predetermined ideas of what is correct cloud true opinion.

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