This essay analizes how the movie "Kafka" is Kafkaesque. That is to say how the movie conveys the theme that Kafka puts out in his works, esp. in The Metamorphosis.

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In the formation of the movie "Kafka", the creators did as much as they could to make it Kafkaesque. For something to be Kafkaesque it must first of all have a sense of obscurity and/or surrealism. One can plainly see that this is true by reading any of his work, in particular "The Metamorphosis." Also part of the definition of Kafkaesque are: comic absurdity, weariness of routine or meeting peoples expectations alienation, disconnectedness and futility. Through use of setting, characters, and plot, the creators accomplished making this film as Kafkaesque as possible.

The surrealistic nature of this film undoubtedly makes it Kafkaesque. The setting in particular added to the surrealism of the film. Most of the surrealism from setting comes from scenes taking place in the castle scenes. Some aspects of comic absurdity are also present here. For example, when Kafka is walking towards what he thinks is the medical records with Dr.

Murnau, a man on roller skates rolls past them carrying files on what can only be described as a yoke. The idea that efficiency is so important and crucial that one must wear roller skates is ridiculous. Another surrealistic, although short lived, scene in the castle is when Kafka exits the file room from which he entered the castle in and enters a five sided hallway with a staircase and door for each side. Kafka, being the ingenious one, recognizes the possible dilemma that could arise once he wants to leave the castle and marks his staircase with ink. Seeing this hallway from above and its symmetry shows us how confusing life can be. No one would ever design a set of staircases as such, which is what makes it so Kafkaesque.

A major scene in the castle was the scene in...