This essay analysis the importance of the "Race" issue in Shakespeares "Othello"

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The Role Of Race In Othello

I agree that race has everything to do with the play in a positive view. The characters certainly did not hide that fact that Othello was a different from everybody else. I think that his differences made him an unusual tragic hero, Othello being different made things possible that would not have happened if he had been a noble man from Venice.

Othello is a 'black' man with a noble nature. In the beginning of the play, he is proud, intelligent, calm, patient, and self-confident. Once he falls a victim to his own passions, he behaves in a most savage, brutal, and inhuman manner with his noble qualities vanishing completely.

Othello was not born and bred in Venice. He has lived a life of adventure and romance, traveling to distant and strange lands. He has also experienced the ups and downs of life. Othello is a natural, bold, and fearless soldier and an able General.

Which is why Desdemona felt so passionately for him. Desdemona lacks adventure and Othello was able to fulfill things for Desdemona that, men from Venice were not able to do.

Othello has spent most of his life on the battle field, he has the innocence and simplicity of a child when it comes to social graces and worldly knowledge. In matters of life, he is trouble-free, forthright, and honest. He has no experience with the wickedness that exists in the human nature. He thinks that men who appear honest, are as they appear. Othello was easily deceived by Iagos evil scheme.

I think that Othello opposes racism. The fact that a African was able to hold as much power and influence as Othello did on society says that the people in Venice over looked race, it was not an...