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"The leader of the Iraqi regime says his land is clear of nuclear weapons. He's got them. And we're going to find them." These words of President George W. Bush encompass Barbara Tuchmann's definition of wooden-headedness. Being biased, ignorant, stubborn and making situations fit to preconceived notions is the behavior of such people. These characteristics were prevalent before and will always be.

Take the very recent example of the perception of Marshall Mathers, commonly referred to as Eminem. It is true that his previous two albums were hate-filled with everything from degrading his mother to no better than a prostitute, to rapping about cutting the wrists of boy bands, to accusing Christina Aguilera of having sexual relations with many men, to the vicious words of him slaughtering his ex-wife, Kim. Yes, Mathers' lyrics in the past have been ridiculously inappropriate and teens have been scolded for listening to his music.

However, the release of his most recent albums, "The Eminem Show," and the "8 Mile" soundtrack show a completely different side of Mathers. In these, Mathers devotes much track time expressing his love for his daughter, Hailie; he encourages his listeners to take advantage of situations when things are looking up. More importantly, Mathers' movie, "8 Mile", is the story of a young man who gets past the racial and economic barriers of Detroit and makes something of himself. What more motivation could the hindered need? Yet, many Americans think of him as no better than a homosexual-hating, mom-hating, angry white boy who swears unnecessarily. Countless parents refuse to give Mathers' movie the time of day because of their "preconceived fixed notions."

Winston Churchill's cousin who was also the Duke of Marlborough, Sunny Churchill, is another example of ignorant stubbornness. Once attaining the position of Duke, Churchill became...