Essay Anwering the Question: Choose Three Pieces of Art, and Discuss Their Meanings and the Influences Behind Their Creation, and How They Affect Your Artwork

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The first artifact I have chosen to discuss for my final exam is the Great Pyramid at Giza. This pyramid, the final resting place of Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) is, as one of the seven greatest wonders of the old world, one of the most amazing pieces of architecture of which I personally know.

The form and subject matter of the pyramid is just that, a pyramid. That shape of structure is very indicative of that time period; pyramids were used all over Egypt at that time as temples and places of burial for the upper class, most notably the pharaohs. Something of such magnitude took so much time, so much money, and so much manpower that only the highest class could even hope to build such a thing. It is thought that it took from twenty to thirty years and over 100,000 slaves to build the Great Pyramid. Everything involved in the construction of the pyramid was so enormous that Khufu's might could not be denied.

This was the main purpose of its construction, the Pharaohs of that time period were hell-bent on showing their might and godliness, and each tried to outdo the pharaoh before him. Each tried to build something bigger, better, and more elaborate. No one wanted to be forgotten with the passage of time.

The Pyramid also served several other factors. First, all of the walls in the Pyramid are inscribed with the name of Khufu, as well as his feats, in architecture, in warfare, in fertility, in everything. Again, the point was that he would be remembered for eternity as a significant entity. Also, many inscriptions were of scenes from the holy book, describing the passage from the living world to the dead world, as the pharaohs

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