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Should a person be assisted in suicide if they are terminally ill? This is a question

that raises much controversy, some feel it is justifiable while others feel it is wrong

any way it is looked at. Should a person have to suffer through an unbearable disease?

only to pass away in the end? These are some questions that doctors are trying to

determine if it is a reasonable case. Many people feel that death is something that should

occur naturally and without aid. I feel people should have the right to assisted suicide

if that individual has no chance of survival.

The only state as of right now is Oregon, which permits assisted suicide to be

carried out. All the other states have yet to allow this form of suicide as a means to

avoid major pain in a terminally ill person. Assisted suicide was first brought up to

help people from enduring too much pain due to illness.

Terminally people include

those with inoperable cancers and diseases which cause a person to suffer a great deal.

Some of these people have little to no chance of recovering, all they are waiting for is the

day when they will pass. These statements were taken from the book Last Rights: The

Struggle Over the Right to Die. These people are only waiting and enduring painful

procedures to help slow the spread of the disease. That is absolutely no way for a

person to live, they have no life and nothing to live for.

The problem is quite extensive, because many people are terminally ill and have

no way of receiving any kind of aid or assistance. These people are living with daily pain

and can only pray that the day will come when it will end their suffering.