This essay argues that Cain was unjustly punished after he killed his brother able

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Bible as Literature

Unjust Punishment

In the Story of Cain and Able I believe that Cain was unjustly punished for the death of his brother able. How was Cain to know that killing his brother was a sin? His family were the only people on earth and no one had died, so how was he to know that if he beat up his brother bad enough he would kill him. As far as Cain knew eating of the forbidden fruit caused an eventual death, but he had no clue what actually would kill someone. It is also possible that God was punishing Cain to cover up for his mistake in not telling them everything they needed to know about death. In this paper I plan to prove that it was partly Gods fault that Cain killed Abel and that Cain was just acting out of jealousy and sibling rivalry.

If Adam, Eve, Cain, and Able were the first family on the earth and no one had died yet, then how could Cain have know that the result of his actions would be his brothers death. If they were the first on the earth than they were probably first in line to die, so they had not seen death and they didn't know what caused death. So when Cain got mad at Able he probably didn't know that by beating what he was going to end up doing was killing him. So you could say that God should share in some of the blame, because he had not explained the details of death. All that Cain knew about death was that his parents had eaten from the forbidden tree and that they would eventually die because of that choice. But in all fairness he had no clue what actually would...