This is an essay for an art history class on native american folk lore art specifically dreamcatchers

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Have you ever a nightmare? Are you a victim of night terrors? The American Indian people believe that the dream catchers can cure all of your nightmares, bad dreams, or night terrors.

A dream catcher is a tool that the American Indians use to get rid of the bad dreams and to keep the good ones around. It is said to move freely in the night air and catch the dreams that float by it. The good dreams are the ones that slip through the hole in the center. It is believed that they then slide down to the feathers and are released into the night air to be dreamed another night. The bad dreams become tangled up in the webbing and are killed by the first light of the sun.

Many people use them to rid bad dreams. They are also used for decorative purposes. Dream catchers are beautiful things.

Some common materials that are used in a dream catcher are yarn, hemp, beads, polished stones, leather, animal fur, arrowheads, sharks teeth, wood, and other natural materials (or materials that are made naturally I.E. without unnatural dies or chemicals).

This is the story of the dream catcher. One day a single spider was spinning a web in a corner. The spider was doing so beside the space of Nokomis the grandmother. Each day she came in to watch the spider at work. One day the grandson of Nokomis came in to hit the spider with a shoe. She told him to leave it alone. The grandson named No-keewga could not understand why his grandmother protected the spider. The old woman just smiled at her grandson but did not answer him. Her grandson left as she continued to watch the spider at work. When the boy left, the spider went...