This essay is an article about the CIA sponsored Contra group in Nicaragua.

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Poverty, education, the economy, do those sound like places extra US funding should be going to? In this writers opinion yes. However a little known fact to most US citizens is the secretive CIA backed military operation in Nicaragua known as the Contras. The Contra group is currently based in Honduras where they train under CIA supervision. From this base of operations they plan out raids through the countryside using guerilla tactics. Of course the aircraft, guns and ammunition are all supplied by United States money. Oh, but don't worry its not the against its own policy of selling weapons to Iran. taxpayers dollar that funds these illegal covert operations. Instead the CIA has come up with a much better way to make the money required. Ready for the surprise? To make the millions spent on "foreign policies" the us has decided to go Yes that's right, even though congress has passed laws that specifically forbid selling weapons to this supposedly terrorism supportive country, which we also consider our enemy we have decided that making sure our operations to overthrow the Sandinistan government in a little country down in Latin America.