The essay is based of 9/11.

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What Should Be In The Space Of Ground Zero??

The paper that I am about to write will let you know what I believe should be in place of what was once known as the Twin Towers. There is nothing in this world that I think can take the place of the great, beautiful, and unforgettable land mark of New York City, as well as the tragic losses that were sustained to the people of the city themselves. The place where these towers once stood should be considered hallowed ground due to the amount of innocent deaths that were suffered there.

The space should still be used as a land mark for New York City as well as a memorial for those who lost their family, friends or close co-workers. The memorial will show New York City's history to the young children that are here today and in the future.

Also, it can help tourists explore and remember the great tragedy in New York City and to see how New Yorkers became closer and stronger then ever before, while dealing with the biggest tragedy in the United States history. If another building was built on this holy land, it will defeat the purpose of the memorial by not respecting the losses that many people had sustained. To this day, there have been bodies that still have not been identified at ground zero. The people that had lost their loved ones still need something to hold on to call a place of peace.

I think monuments with all the names of those who had died in that great tragedy should be placed where the Trade Center had fallen, as well as a history on the Trade Center itself. At the memorial, I believe they should make it a beautiful park...