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New Treatments for Cancer

Cancer is becoming a larger problem every year. More and more people get cancer early in life. Recent statistics show that men have a 1-in-2 lifetime risk to develop a cancer. For women this risk is 1-in-3. The last few decades, cancer has started to reach epidemic proportions. Just ask around: You'll be astonished by the large numbers of people that have gotten cancer (or have already died). Then ask your parents or older people if this also happened in their generation.

Not many people know it, but the cancer death rate in 1900 was 64 per 100,000 Americans. In 1950, this figure has risen to 130 and currently, it's at an all time high of 140-150. There are many new treatments (chemo-therapy, radiation, etc), but the numbers keep rising. If this trend continues, cancer will become the leading death cause before 2010. (1)

How to prevent and cure cancer

*Make sure the blood pH stays in the narrow 7.3

pH margin

*Make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals

Diet is the most important factor to control the pH

The adrenals, amongst others, control the pH. Aldosterone promotes excretion of hydrogen ions (H+) by the kidneys and decreased acidity of the blood. If too much acid-forming foods are eaten, the acids are stored in the tissue, creating very acid tissue, and alkalic blood. The acid-forming foods are:

*Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, all Soft drinks, pasteurized milk

*All grains, flours cornstarch, pasta

*All sugars

*Cooked eggs, cooked meats, and cooked fish

*Beans, Brussels sprouts, chickpeas, legumes, and lentils

What do all these foods have in common: They are all refined or processed (cooked) foods or can't be eaten raw! (3)

Discovery could lead to new treatments for cancer

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center...