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Sports terms have become so popular in our everyday speech that we may not even be aware that we are using them. Sports literature comes from a variety of sports, but baseball leads the way in sports terminology because it is one of the most dominating American sports. Other sports such as boxing, football, hockey, gambling, basketball, track, field, and darts also contribute to our language.

Every day we are "thrown a curve" when something in our lives goes array. It is inevitable that you will hear this term at least once a week and the one saying it probably won't even know they have just uttered a sports term. Sports terminology is used so commonly that most don't even know they are using famous sports terms. Sometimes people are so perfect at their profession that they are "batting 1000." Sports terms are used in a variety of careers such as medicine.

Lou Gherigs disease is a common term used by doctors to diagnose a patient.

Football has contributed to our language by promoting battlefield like terminology. The Quarterback throws "hail maries" or "bombs" to his other players. These terms are both commonly used in war and in our everyday speech. Basketball has given us the ever-lasting "Hi-Five" which we get after we accomplish a good deed. Boxing has given us a quote for giving up, "I'm throwing in the towel." Track and Field "Jumps the gun" when we do something a little to early. All of these terms are used to get an idea across. When one uses sports terms he is using metaphorical language and is comparing everyday life to a sports. Sports terms describe activities we take part in every day.

Sports movies and athletes themselves have also given us a variety of quotes. "It ain't...