Essay based on "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury

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What Will Become of Us?

Similar to other anti-utopian novels, like George Orwell's "1984" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", "Fahrenheit 451" points out the rapid increase in technology and it's effects on mankind with the threat of government oppression. The underscoring of anti-intellectualism and conformism is also very significant in the novel. Like every other literary work, these "bad traits" of the society are being used as predictions of what's going to become of -as we call it- "humanity". Even though the society in the novel seems too far away from reality, we must admit that we are halfway through the road leading there.

It seems like there are lots of causes, of course, for the society to head that direction. There is actually just one big reason for becoming such people. Ourselves. Putting the blame on some other thing for ending up as something like that (which we will do very soon) will never help us.

And what will we blame? The authorities who saw we weren't interested in the things going on around us and who decided not to show them to us. For expecting the real information (that would be ignored by us anyway) and what is more appealing to us, like violence, from them, aren't we to blame?

Being the only animal able to think according to several moral values that we have created, we use this virtue to dominate the other animals, and worse, each other. So, it is inevitable to end up having a group of oppressors and a larger group of the oppressed. And even though the little group of oppressors seem to dictate the oppressed, they need those people that they rule; if there were no people to oppress, there'd be no oppressors, would there? Just like the oppressors, the oppressed...