This essay is bassicaly about how the supreme courts rules in some cases. this is an honors essay.

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The Bill of Rights have had, and still have many disagreements dealing with rights. The

Supreme Court has ruled in these types of cases. The Supreme Court has ruled in these types of

cases because the outcome of these cases are very important to the country's contribution. Also,

the Bill of Rights affects all persons, such as citizens and non-citizens, which are aliens. The first

issue that will be discussed is the separation of Church and State. The second dispute that will be

discussed is the right to assemble.

The first issue, the separation of Church and State, has been looked upon many times.

Many people believe that Church, which is religion, and state, which is basically government,

should not be put together and/or mixed with each other. If they are going to be intervened with

each other, then people are going to feel unsecured and angry if they are very religious.


might conflict with their beliefs. A Supreme Court case that dealt with this was Abington School

District v. Schempp. This case was about Bible verses being read over the P.A. system in a public

school. Several students did not wish to listen. So, the Supreme Court had decided to try this

case. The public school belong to the state. The Bible verses belong to the Church. So. Those

two were not allowed to mix with each other. Therefore, the Supreme Court had declared the

Bible verses being read in public unconstitutional.

The second dispute, the right to assemble, was abused by some people. This right, to

assemble, is only allowed if the assembly created is not violent or threat full. The organization

must be peaceful. One Supreme Court case is Schenk v. United States (1919). The Supreme had

decided to try this case. Schenk was...